Over the past month, we have been road tripping through California. It was so lovely and so nice to get away. I did a bit of research before we went which I actually found it hard to find hotels and places that were us. So I have put together a series of posts with details about where to go, where to stay and what to eat. We did our road trip over the space of three weeks. You could do it in a shorter timeframe but we also included time with our family in San Francisco and a few extra days in LA on the way back.


I have split the posts up into five parts, as there is quite a lot of information for each part and I didn’t want you all to be reading heavy chunks of information.

Part 1 – San Francisco

Part 2 – The Drive Down

Part 3 – Malibu/Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Part 4 – Anaheim/Palm Springs/San Diego

Part 5 – LA


Below is a map of our road trip. We picked our hire car up from Oakland Airport, headed down to Highway 1 and all the way using mostly the coast road. On the map, I have indicated places to stop along the way.


To fit in everything, below I have indicated how many nights we stayed in each area:

San Francisco (5), Monterey (1), Morro Bay (1), Santa Monica (3), Anaheim (4), Palm Springs (1), San Diego (3), LA (3).


We were lucky enough to get super cheap flights to San Fran through Air New Zealand and came home from LAX.

When it came to our rental car we did quite a lot of research. This is one of the tasks that I gave to my husband. We ended up going with Alamo, we had no issues and the pick up and drop off was so simple! As we were doing a lot of freeway driving we decided to get a small SUV for both safety and space.


Stay tuned for part one of our California road trip travel series.

Mandy x