Part 2 of our California Road Trip has taken a little while longer to post than expected. I had so many beautiful photos that it has taken ages to go through them to present you with an edited selection. As mentioned in Part 1, we picked up our hire car from Oakland airport and started our road trip in San Francisco. We took two days to drive down the coast, but in hindsight we would have done an extra day around Morro Bay.

Our first stop was Santa Cruz, we only stopped here briefly but it was worth it for the great coffee! Make sure you stop in at Verve Roasters!


We continued our drive down to Monterey for the night.  Monterey is a very cute town filled with amazing sea life! We stayed at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa and could easily walk down to the pier to see the Sea Lions. If you had more time here, hire a canoe or go paddle boarding.

We also walked up to dinner at Bistro Moulin. I knew we had a few seafood dinners booked on our trip, so we decided to try out the local French restaurant, which I must say was very good. My husband had the gnocchi and he said it was delicious!

We left mid morning but I made sure we went past Bright Coffee for my morning brew. Bright Coffee is situated inside the cutest homewares boutique, so while your waiting for your coffee have a browse through the shop!

Tip: If your into organic food, make sure you stop into Trader Joe’s. Whenever I saw one, I made hubby pull in. I always kept stock of fruit and bottled water in the car. A slab of 24 water bottles was around $2.50 USD (so awesome). Also the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate is amazing.


Morro Bay

Morro Bay is such a beautiful place! We wished we stayed here another night. The drive down from Monterey took us longer than expected due to all the stops coming through Big Sur (around 3 hours) so we did not have a lot of time when we arrived. We stayed at the Anderson Inn, which was my favourite out of all the places we stayed at on the holiday. The owner Molly was delightful and completely made you feel at home and the room was just beautiful. Morro Bay also boasted the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen!

We ate at the Anderson Inn’s restaurant, which was the highest rated restaurant in the area and it did not disappoint. The staff were just as lovely.




Paso Robles

Unfortunately due to time restrictions we did not personally check this area out, but our friends in San Fran recommended the below restaurants if your in the area. Stay an extra night in Morro Bay and spend the day checking out the local wineries, sights and eating beautiful farm to table cuisine.

For brunch: Thomas Hill Organics 

Lunch/Dinner: Artisan