My latest style post is all about the accessories, in particular the pearl. My all time favourite chic accessory would have to be the pearl. Pearls are¬†timeless and an accessory that you can’t go wrong with.

When adding pearls to your accessory repertoire, go for something simple. Pearls are so beautiful and so is the process that creates them.

If you are going to wear a larger pearl necklace, wear just small studs or no earrings at all. Another styling tip that I use is if I go to wear a statement ring, I keep my wrist wear minimal so it doesn’t take away from your ring. Wear something simple like the Monica Vinader Bangle in image 3.

Pearls dress an outfit up and can easily transform your look from night to day.

Outfit details:

Image 1: Topshop knit, Carabez South Sea Pearl Ring, Mimco cuff

Image 2: Mimco Short circuit bangle

Image 3: Monica Vinader Fiji Chain Bracelet

Image 4: Amber Sceats Pearl and Gold Stud Earrings, Mimco Short circuit bangle, Carabez South Sea Pearl Ring, Jolie & Deen Cuff

Image 5: Topshop Knit, ASOS Culottes, Mimco cuff, Celine Trio, Alexander Wang Heels

Image 6: As above