I have been meaning to do this post for awhile now so here it is! During my pregnancy, I wanted to use as little chemicals as possible, which meant changing most of my skin care products. I found it quite difficult to locate items that didn’t contain a whole stack of nasties. Here is my list of favourite items that I loved using and still use now post pregnancy.

Face: I switched from using products that contained Vitamin A and retinol, to ones that were gentle and plant based. The girls in Mecca Cosmetica suggested using Darphin and I have loved this range of products ever since and have gone through about six tubs of the Hydraskin Rich! Darphin is a French based cosmetic line. I now use both the Hydraskin Serum and Hydraskin Rich.

Sunscreen: I was heavily pregnant over summer and wanted to make sure that the sunscreen I used contained no preservatives or titanium dioxide. I found Natural Instinct was great and kept my pregnant skin from burning!

Nails: Nail polish has so many nasties! So when I discovered Kester Black, I literally squealed. Kester Black polishes contain no formaldehyde or toluene and is not tested on animals! They have so many beautiful colours so I stocked up on all the basics (red, white and nude), they even have nail polish remover!


*This post is not sponsored in any way, I genuinely bought and use these products on a daily basis.