Hello, I’m Mandy Andrews or formally known as Amanda May.

Amanda May is an outlet for me to express my passion for style and discovering it
in the little things that make up everyday life. Whether it is through fashion, lifestyle or
travel, style is a form of expression and something unique to all of us.

When I first stated Amanda May in 2011 it was to showcase my bridal accessories,
now it has grown to include all areas of my life, my passions and the journey that
I have taken in discovering my personal style and the lessons that I have learnt along
the way.

From a young age I have always had an interest in design and fashion which has now
formed a professional background of eight years and counting in marketing, branding
and graphic design.

I happily reside in Sydney Australia with my husband Brendan who is also the
photographer for most of my personal style posts and my biggest fan!

I hope that Amanda May inspires you to discover the beauty and style in your everyday.

To get in touch, find me on instagram @mandyandrews or
email me at info@amandamay.com.au